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6004 S Rhodes Ave, Chicago Projects Construction News

8-Units Multifamily Home New Construction started. Will be ready by June 1, 2023.

  • Parking Garage.
  • A mile from Chicago University.

Construction Steps – Drywall Installation »

May 11, 2023

6004-s-rhodes-ave-chicago Construction project - Starting Drywall

Drywall installation is a critical part of any construction project, as it provides a smooth and even surface for painting, wallpapering, or other finishes. Installing drywall in a multifamily house follows the same steps as a single-family house. However, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind: Noise reduction – In a multifamily house, sound travels easily between units. To reduce noise transfer, consider installing acoustic insulation between walls and floors. Working with experienced professionals who understand these requirements can help ensure a successful project.

6004 S Rhodes Ave, Chicago New Construction Started »

January 9, 2023


Working on Framing.

When it comes to framing carpentry, we can help with information on framing techniques, materials, and tools. I can also provide advice on how to plan and execute a framing project, including tips for ensuring accuracy and stability.

It is important to work with a qualified and experienced framing carpenter to ensure that your building project is structurally sound and meets all building codes and standards.

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